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Individual constellations

“You have big place in my heart!”

How individual constellations work

Individual Family Constellations sessions in Berlin. The aim of individual Family Constellations sessions is to unearth the client’s systemic burdens through his family system. Individual family constellations are essentially the same as group constellations: the client also exposes the issue he wants to focus on, representatives are chosen and positioned in the room. The representatives become aware of the person they stand for and, according to the idea of representative perception in Family Constellations, capture the feelings from the other people that are part of the energy field of the family system and follow the so-called “movements of the soul”.

Working with “floor anchors”

As there is no group of people to work with, in the individual constellation sessions we use, for example, what we call “floor anchors”. These can be sheets of paper on which the client writes the names of those people the facilitator considers to be relevant for the client’s problem. These sheets are first put together by the client, who lays them down on the floor in order to establish an image of the inner relationships within the family, as perceived by the client. According to the idea of Family Constellations, as soon as the energy field of the family system emerges, we are able to perceive the feelings of those people whose names are written on the floor anchors.

A silent dance

As opposed to group constellations, in individual constellation sessions, everything takes place among the facilitator, the client and the energy field: by standing on all positions, one after another, both the client and the facilitator perceive the different feelings and impulses, exchange feedback with one another and follow, according to the idea of Constellation work, the movement of the soul that is taking place. It is like a silent dance between the facilitator and the client in which the process is guided by the perception, intuition and feelings of both sides, and corrected when needed by the facilitator’s experience.

Step by step, client and facilitator grope their way through what feels harmonious and where negative feelings dissolve into a liberating crying or a gentle touch. In this way, according to the Family Constellations approach, client and facilitator find themselves following the movements of the soul that will lead them to an image that is consistent with the sense of order in the family system.

For whom are these individual sessions appropriate?

Many clients choose this form of Family Constellations because it gives them a feeling of intimacy and protection. But these sessions offer other advantages: the client always has an overview of what is happening, the facilitator is near the client at all times, and it is the client who decides what steps are taken next, at what pace and how far he wishes to go. An individual Family Constellations session is as intense as a group constellation. A purely organisational, but quite essential criterion when choosing the right constellation form is that with individual sessions, the client does not depend on any other participants when making an appointment, as group constellation workshops are more spread out.

Which forms of individual Family Constellations sessions are there?

Floor anchors offer a great flexibility and feel. You can also begin with a short life constellation and then move on to floor anchors.

There is also the possibility to set it up with Playmobil figures, so that everything takes place on a table in front of the facilitator and the client.

Last but not least, constellations can be set up on the client’s mind. In this case the facilitator would guide the client through his inner images as if he was on an imaginary journey.

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