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“Is our child developing properly?”

As new parents, it’s easy to worry and wonder if your child is developing properly or whether there are any developmental delays or even developmental disorders to be concerned about.

In fact, the spectrum of what medicine would consider normal is very wide during the early stages of babyhood, and it only narrows over time, as the child grows. Just think of the astonishing differences you see among the babies you might know of within your own circle:

  • Some babies are born with a tooth while others still have not grown any teeth by their first birthday.
  • Some children start walking when they are nine months old, while others need longer, even up to eighteen months, to take their first steps.
  • Some are able to speak like sports commentators at the age of two, while other children need more time to start speaking.

In the end, and despite all of these differences, most will develop into healthy and perfectly normal children. These differences we observe are to be found in all aspects of early childhood development: gross and fine motor skills, speech learning, cognitive and emotional development.

As a general rule, your paediatrician will support you and your child and evaluate their development during regular scheduled check-ups. Upon request, I offer to support these routine check-ups with an assessment and a consultation based on the developmental milestones reached by your child at different stages of their development.


The bond between parents and children

When requested, I would also be happy to give you a specific parenting coaching that will help you communicate and connect with your baby when nourishing, bathing, diapering and playing. The aim is to build and establish healthy bonds between parents and babies within the first and a half year of age, by fostering a sense of security and stability for your baby as he/she grows. When your child enters the toddler stage, my support will then focus on the need to set boundaries, and to cater for the ever-increasing need to communicate effectively with your child.


When children trigger unwanted responses in parents

In certain situations, you may feel pushed to your limits as a parent, reliving painful experiences of your own childhood, triggered by your child’s behaviour. Your response to your child’s behaviour is then disproportionate and harsh: too furious, too angry, too anxious, etc. These are, in my opinion, gateways to hidden conflicts in the family system that could be unearthed, clarified or even solved through Family Constellations.

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There are two things children should get from their parents: roots and wings. (Goethe)

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