Alternative Practioner Alicia Gerike - Welcome to my office!

I believe that the healing of our world begins right there inside every single one of us and that our ability to feel compassion is an important key to achieve it: compassion for our own inner child – and thus, for ourselves! It is compassion what enables us to feel genuine sympathy for our fellow human beings, animals and plants, all living beings on this planet. Compassion allows us to develop deep and stable bonds with other individuals and to create social communities in which we can feel supported and protected.

Coming upon the field of Family Constellations has allowed me to acquire a profound knowledge of the dynamics that move my thoughts and actions and those of the people around me. I am deeply convinced that the world needs the constellation practice to go on healing. It can help us learn how to look to other people and to other cultures from a brand new perspective, based upon compassion, acceptance and humility.

Through Family Constellations and Homeopathy, I am able to accompany adults, babies and children, as well as young parents and entire families in the best possible manner.

My services are provided in EnglishGerman and Spanish.

You can attend your homeopathy or Family Constellation sessions in person or if you prefer, via online video chat. The video chat sessions are of course confidential, GDPR compliant, digitally encrypted and protected from unprivileged/third-party access.

Courses, workshops and lectures on naturopathic applications, as well as talks on the health and development of babies and toddlers, complement my services offer.

I look forward to getting to know you.

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I truly love what I do! Through Family Constellations and Homeopathy, I aim to provide people with comprehensive support and accompaniment along their life path. This work I do, touches my heart and bestows me with an immense sense of deep fulfilment.