Homeopathy for children Berlin

Homeopathy for children

Homeopathy for children in Berlin. Over the last decades, many parents have become aware of the benefits of homeopathy as a gentle companion during pregnancy and during the first years of their child’s life, from infancy into adolescence.

Development of the immune system

While in the womb, the baby is protected by the immune system of the mother. After birth, during breastfeeding, breast milk still protects the baby against some pathogens because it contains the mother’s antibodies. This protection decreases gradually in the following months, and the child’s organism has to build its own immune system. It does so by coming into contact with the germs present in the environment, and by producing its own antibodies against these germs. As a result, the child’s organism is exposed to all sorts of infections during this stage. Although this process is very important for the development of the child’s immune system, it is essential that the child’s organism does not overstrain.

Emotional challenges

Emotionally challenging situations can bring children to lose balance. Be it the death of their beloved grandmother, their parents’ separation, a family relocation with the subsequent distancing from close friends, the birth of a younger brother or sister or the beginning of school life.

Attentive parents may notice a developmental delay, an abnormal behaviour or some kind of emotional imbalance in their children (who may look unusually sad, shy, fearful, etc.). Children may also encounter problems at school, such as concentration and body coordination difficulties, or even display an aggressive behaviour that could lead to conflicts with their teachers or classmates, which in turn could cause a slew of other problems.


Sometimes, it is “just” a matter of clarifying whether our child is really in need of a treatment or if we as parents, should seek professional advice in the form of educational/pedagogical support, or even family counselling. Symptoms in children can arise due to a variety of reasons not always directly related to the child: children are often just symptom carriers.

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