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We humans are above all social beings and as such, we depend heavily on the interpersonal ties that bind our social communities together, starting with the ties inside the family we are born into, which is the group that guarantees our survival. However, these ties can often be distorted.

As a systemic approach, the Family Constellation work pursues the idea that the problems we have in our social relationships, our work life or with our feelings are influenced by our family system and a display of disorder inside it. It aims to bring the family system back into order, thus unburdening the whole system. In this way relatives and friends can get along with one another once again, lovers can re-connect with each other or finally decide to go separate ways, oppressive feelings subside; children are loved, parents forgiven, professional success finally achieved. The idea is that, in its innermost core, Family Constellation work is reconciliation work that can help us to re-establish the flow of life and to create new opportunities for attachment.

Personal concerns are, for example:

Find inner peace

  • Why am I so sad?
  • Why do I feel so lost?
  • What is wrong with me?

Love and partnership

  • Why do I feel so lonely with him?
  • Please take me as I am!
  • Why am I still single?

My job – My career

  • Why do I keep putting things off?
  • Why can’t I trust myself?
  • Why does everything I try fail?
Meine Familie

My family

  • Why am I an outsider?
  • Why does my father not see me?
  • Why do we argue so often?

My beloved child

  • I can barely feel you!
  • You make me so angry!
  • How can I help you?

My body – My wellbeing

  • What is it this weight I carry on my shoulders?
  • Why does my heart feel so heavy?
  • Why is this lump in my throat?

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