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Homeopathy Zehlendorf

Homeopathy for adults

Classic homeopathy

Nowadays many people turn to naturopathic alternative therapies. Naturopathy is becoming increasingly attractive because it offers a holistic approach in which body, soul and mind are not looked at as separate aspects of human nature: the human being is considered as a single unit. In Homeopathy, there are no isolated symptoms, but each symptom is an expression of a weakened vital force. The complete set of symptoms located in body, mind and soul delivers the overall picture of a patient’s deranged vital force. This means: the different mosaic tiles form an image which in turn corresponds to a homoeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy as a soft alternative

Another reason why people seek homeopathic therapy is their desire for a much gentler treatment. This is something they share in common with Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), founder of Homeopathy. He was driven by this same motivation while carrying out his research work, that finally led him to develop the principles of Homeopathy and the globules that are still used to this day.

Homeopathy and personal responsibility

The desire to accept personal responsibility and to work at an equal basis with the naturopath can also be motivating. Anybody settling for homeopathic treatment is encouraged to observe their reactions to a given homeopathic substance and to share them with their homeopath. This leads to a close cooperation between homeopath and client in which the statements and assessments of the latter play a very important role.

This desire to be an active part of the process is often followed by the eagerness to exchange ideas. Many people want to be able to communicate their concerns in an open and calmed manner to somebody who would take them seriously, to somebody who would see them. This requires a context in which there are no strict time constraints. Love, care, support and time to talk are key factors for the success of any treatment, and this is something that is naturally given in a homeopathic context.

Last, we can also mention those people who after a long history of disease are considered to be “at the end of the road” by conventional medicine. Homeopathy can be used as a complementary treatment for them.

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